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Welcome, you’ve arrived! Oasis is a sophisticated, modern retreat amidst the frenzy of the city.  Unwind, relax and enjoy all we have to offer.  Sit down and sip mint tea, indulge your sweet tooth with delicate desserts, lay back and luxuriate with the flavored smoke of the hookah.  Dip pita, warm out of the oven, into a selection of meze redolent of fragrant spice markets of the Middle East. We are proud to serve the finest meats delicately spiced, grilled and slow roasted according to family recipes passed down for generations.  Whether you are hungry, thirsty, or seeking you enjoy the company of friends and family, Oasis is here to fulfill your needs.  Celebrate your special occasions with us in our private dining room.  Allow us to cater your next party or office event.  We are here to serve you and ensure that your time at Oasis leaves you refreshed and recharged as you continue on with your journey!